Friday, 29 June 2012

The Accounting Package Nonsense

One of the irritating things about the screening process that the agencies are adopting on behalf of their clients is the "Accounting Package" issue.

"Do you have extensive up-to-date experience of Shitecraft 500?"

 "Well, I've been unemployed for quite a while so it rather depends on what you call "up-to-date". And, I have yet to enjoy the experience of encountering Shitecraft 500, although I have considerable experience of a lot of accounting systems including the market leader, SAP, and I'm sure I could be up to speed very quickly."

It's nearly as good as the Viz top tip for prospective employers, of throwing at least 50% of the Job Applications straight in the bin as you don't want to take the risk of hiring someone who is unlucky.

The fact is, all current accounting packages have a "Windows" front-end, accept balanced journal entries which can then be endlessly corrected, and dump the data in to a spreadsheet, mostly Excel, for manipulation and analysis, with reports and management accounts based on that and very very rarely anything direct from the package. The old skills of using the report writer facility of an accounting package are as yesterday and as clunky as the 8-track audio cassette.

Still it saves the agencies having to do anything much for their fees.

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